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Cassandra Kosmayer believes in pushing the boundaries of traditional publications through the use of multi-media and transdisciplinary direction. Building off your BA in English and Creative Writing she continued her passions in her MA in Digital Humanities, where she learned of the potential application of new technologies within the humanities subjects.

A firm believer in self-publishing and in encouraging those to take control over their creative aspirations, Cassandra has designed and published a graduate anthology for students of Royal Holloways’ Creative Writing graduating class of 2015.

Cassandra has also created a digital creative writing magazine, Dark Sentences, where she hopes to provide budding writers and creatives a unique space to publish their work and enjoy exposure through social media and serial print publications.

In her spare time, she is an avid digital artist and photographer, taught by her father, Dan Kosmayer, and has created several mock-up book covers. One day she hopes to provide a full-service publishing service to established and budding creatives. From traditional to innovative publications, she aims to provide a steady hand from concept to marketing to creation.

Royal Holloway's Graduate Anthology

Meet The Emporium: A Treasury of Creativity

This graduate anthology was designed, compiled, and published between Cassandra Kosmayer and Sophie Goodall. The goal of the anthology was to provide graduates with what every writer dreams: to be published.

The project pushed their skills and developed their understanding of traditional and digital publishing within the new modern digital sphere.

Several industry standard programs and tools were learned and used to create and publish this anthology for the Creative Writing graduating class of 2015.

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